Lidgard Yacht Design, 52ft flybridge sports fishing boat
Lidgard Yacht Design, 52ft Mono-hull hardtop sports fisher

At Lidgard Yacht Design we can prepare a power boat design for you to whatever aesthetics or vessel type you may desire.

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The cad images shown on this page are generally those supplied with the study plan package for this design. Each drawing as shown is a high quality coloured ink plot on A3 size media. As applicable air postage is inclusive in the charged amount and within Australia the amount charged is GST inclusive.

If you wish to order a set of study plans for the 52 ft Sports Fishing Boat design.
Australian $30.00 per set.

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Study Plan drawing list
01 General arrangement
02 Outboard profile & deck plan
03 Fwd joiner sections
04 Midship joiner sections
05 Flybridge layouts

52ft Sports Fishing Boat
Principal Dimensions

Loa. 15.850 Mtrs ~ 52' 0"
Beam Max. 5.075 Mtrs
Lwl 13.750 Mtrs
Prismatic Coef. .73
Rate Of Immersion Kg Cm = 580
Canoe Body Draft. 1.130 Mtr
Rm @ 1 Deg. Kg M = 890 Kg
Available Volume Below Dwl 25,872 Kg Displacement

Example Performance @ 23,000 kg Displacement
25 knots 2 * 650 hp
If Construction Weight Is Maintained.
Fuel Capacity 1 * 3100 Litres
Water Capacity 2 * 460 Litres
Construction Medium :
Epoxy - Glass - Foam Cored - Composites

Custom One Off construction for this design is from epoxy resin system, stitched glass, foam cored composites for both shells and internals. Or alternatively for Production boat construction from Polyester resin system, stitched glass, c-s-m, foam and balsa cored composites for both shells and internals. Full size cut files are supplied for both hull and deck shell building frames. 2 sets of drawings are supplied with a design purchase, These are in the form of computer generated scaled cad drawings plotted on B1 size media.

Construction drawing list

101 General Arrangement
102 Structural Plan (above sole)
103 Port Structural Plan (above sole)
104 Structural Plan (lower)
105 Outboard Profile & Deck Plan
106 Structural Profile & Body Plan
107 Plumbing Schematic
108 Hull Strakes
110 Bhd @ stat 0
111 Joiner Section @ -1.000 m
112 Joiner Section @ -2.000 m
113 Joiner Section @ -3.000 m
114 Bathroom Bhd @ -4.040 m
115 Joiner section @ -5.000 m
116 Stb cabin bhd. (aft) @ -6.045
117 Port cabin bhd.(aft) @ -6.700 m
118 Aft fuel tank bhd.@ -7.450 m
119 Joiner section @ -8.500 m
120 Main companionway bhd. @ -10.270
121 Joiner section @ -10.820 m
122 Joiner section @ -12.000 m
123 Joiner section @ -13.000 m
131 Flybridge (enclosed)
132 Fuel tank construction
133 Water tank construction
140 Hull mould constuction
141 Deck mould constuction
142 Flybridge mould constuction
143 Hull frames (plan/profile)
144 Hull frames (body plan)
145 Deck frames (plan/profile)
146 Deck frames (body plan)
147 Flybridge frames (plan/profile)
148 Flybridge frames (body plan)

Sports Fishing Boat outboard profile and deck plan
with enclosed flybridge.

Sports Fishing Boat Inboard Profile and General arrangement
with enclosed flybridge.

Sports Fishing Boat enclosed flybridge layout

Sports Fishing Boat structural section.

Sports Fishing Boat fwd section.

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