Lidgard Yacht Design, Retro style mahogany Day Boat
Lidgard Yacht Design, Classic retro styled high speed Day Boat

At Lidgard Yacht Design we can prepare a classic power or sail boat design for you to whatever era aesthetics you may desire.

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Aquadelmo 31 The Yachtmans Speedboat.

The design concept was inspired by the classic Italian and US powerboats of the 1950's and 60's; the challenge was to combine the aesthetics of that era with the most modern construction techniques and materials. Garry Lidgard, Lidgard Designs, was commissioned by Jose de la Vega,of Sydney Australia to design a high performance offshore capable vessel, that would also look quite at home touring the protected waters of the Pittwater or inner bays of Sydney Harbour. The offshore requirement dictated the overall proportions of the boat and the Aquadelmo 32 has demonstrated exciting performance in open and sheltered water conditions. Generous flared bow sections and freeboard ensure a much smoother and drier ride than normally experienced. The cockpit, sun deck and luxurious double berth and head are a balance of comfort, practicality and generous space. A custom made wheel and comprehensive instrumentation make this boat a joy to drive. 37+ knots has been achieved by the installation of a pair of in-line six cylinder Detroit turbo-charged diesel motors. These engines offer vibration free performance and are supported on robust bearers and housed in a thickly insulated engine space. The sun deck hatches have been designed to open completely to offer total engine accessibility for general maintenance. Large areas of the hull have been retained as sealed, positive buoyancy chambers and all open deck spaces are self draining. Low, vertical, centre of gravity coupled with high stability ensures fast and safe passage in open waters. The unseen advantage: The nature of wood and the techniques required to build boats in the past have contributed to both the beauty and the misfortune of wooden boats. Much of the appeal of wooden boats lies in the boatbuilder's skill in joining many individually crafted pieces of wood into a single structure but unfortunately loss of the original overall stiffness can result in the boat's eventual deterioration without ongoing costly maintenance . The Aquadelmo 31 has the appearance of a classic timber boat. In actual fact, the Aquadelmo 31 is constructed with high performance epoxy composite materials, overlaid with exquisite 8 mm mahogany deck and topsides, and an impeccable clear finished 2 pack system consisting of 22 coats in all. The hull is constructed with Composite strip Planking, a combination of balsa cored strips in the bottom and foam cored strips in the topsides. The strip planking was pre made with a uni-directional E-fibreglass on either side of the cores. The unidirectional fibre allowed the planks to conform readily to the complex contours of this design and increased the stability when turning the hull. For the Aquadelmo 32 edge gluing of the strip planks was done with a high strength, epoxy adhesive, and a laminating Epoxy was used to laminate a combination of E-fibreglass and aramid reinforcements to the inside and outside to complete the hull structure, and for taping throughout the boat. Decks, bulkheads, interior parts were also constructed with pre made foam Panels with designer specified laminates to best meet weight targets and stress/impact loads. The result of all this is a super tough, lightweight, superbly built boat of great style and quality.

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We can give you a competitive estimate to build this design in our own yard, onsite here in Australia using New Zealand and Australian craftsmen. Construction in modern epoxy composites with timber finishes to what ever level desired. For further information please email or call.

32 ft Day Boat structural layout plan.
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32 ft Day Boat General arrangement plan.
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32 ft Day Boat Sections

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