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         Send an ........  e-mail    to Lidgard Yacht Design

                                   Lidgard yacht design 
          designers of custom sailing yachts and power boats
                       both mono hull and multihull

          For all information regarding  Custom Boat Plans Design Services
          Please first e-mail details of your intended vessel  (all e-mail will be   
          acknowledged) or to discuss your requirements in detail please 
          fax or phone personally. Quotes/estimates for  design costs, time 
          frames etc. can be supplied by e-mail or with personal phone or 
          fax contact.
          For all information regarding   Stock Designs 
          Please contact by way of the following:
          Initial enquiries please e-mail details of your interest, please be  
          specific in your requirements and we will e-mail forward a study   
          plan/pricing package should we have the information/design 
          relevant  to your inquiry. Ongoing  contact may be conducted by  
          e-mail, phone or fax  to suit your requirements
         Please note:
          A fee is required for all study prints air mailed/posted out and we 
          will quote this fee dependant on the level of information requested

          Send an ........  e-mail    to Lidgard Yacht Design

All inquiries by post/mail please 
direct to the following

Garry R Lidgard
23 The Estuary
Gold Coast
Queensland 4216

To visit
Office address Unit 15 239 Brisbane Rd. Labrador Queensland Australia
All inquiries by fax or phone to the following contact numbers. Fax ~ Phone land + 61 + 7+55379 135 mobile + 61 0401 968241 7.30 am to 6.30 pm eastern Australian standard time Monday to Saturday.

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