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The Concept for this vessel was for maximum speed and daily cruising
runs in safety for two crew for the  minimum outlay, without compromise
of structures or systems. Accommodations are restricted to the pod with
the possibility of future development within the hulls which at present 
only contain motors, tankage and some systems. These large voids offer
future potential for this vessel as say a surf charter boat which combined 
with the potential sleeping accommodations and vast level deck areas
and fast passages would appeal to this type of adventure traveller.

The pod aesthetics were driven by its near vertical coamings intended 
to give maximum shade internally as the intended range of this vessel 
is within the tropics.

Intended construction is for where possible to be developed epoxy
composite panels to allow fast and easy construction but as with
all our other designs that use this method as a construction aid at    
no time does the method of construction determine the aesthetics 
of the vessel.  This design incorporates round bilge hull forms and
large radius gunwales plus cambered decks and softened
superstructure styling.

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